My name is 'Dyester', i am a multi-genre producer, making hip hop, dubstep, dance music and whatever else takes my fancy. This blog is here to show you the work i do but also just for me to share with you my thoughts and feelings on any number of things. So if your tastes are as varied as mine, I'm going on a journey, take a walk with me...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Warm Welcome From The 'Dyester'

As you can see from the photo above, I have always been a very charming and well mannered individual, and as such would like to extend a warm welcome to all those who find themselves here at my blog.  Obviously i wish to use this blog to promote to you the music i make, and anything else of an artistic nature for that matter, but as part of that process i hope to use this blog to convey general thoughts and feelings i'm having, and most likely a shed load of videos etc from other artists that i'm loving at the time.  I am always open to comments on any of my work and, or anything else i choose to post, so don't leave me lonely, make a contribution, interaction is a lovely thing.  So you can follow me here, or check out what i'm doing with my 'peep the traces' fam over at, and also there is much to come in terms of music and comedy from myself and my brother a.k.a. Dancing Shadows Of BriStar.
Let's go...


  1. I found ya!
    nice work :) looking forward to future posts.
    Just found Paul has a blog too

  2. Why you pesky little..., you got me! I'll have a look at Paul's blog, see what's gwarning. It's been a while mate, hope all's good with you.